Pressure Leaf Filters

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

As compared to other continuous filtration processes, Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter offer simplicity of process, easy operation and maintenance, modest space requirement low energy consumption and low capital outlay. Back by past Experience and development studies, we have from time to time incorporated changes improvements and modification to our equipments by listening and understanding the needs, Suggestion and requirements of our valued customers through their feedback.

Equipment Description:

The Horizontal Leaf Filter consists of a Horizontal Cylindrical vessel with special bayonet wedged lock closure & silicon seal. The retractable filter shell is mounted on 4 external mounted wheel assemblies and retraction is accomplished by hydraulic cylinder. To open & close wedge lock closure, filter is equipped with 2 Nos. powerful hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders are connected to power pack by high-pressure flexible rubber hoses.

Hydraulic power pack unit consists of Manual Control valves for the operation of opening / closing bayonet wedged lock and shell retraction. Five ply riveted or bolted, SS316 pressure leafs are mounted on centrally located outlet manifold. Filter media - contains set of 5 ply leaves with two fine filter mesh, two supporting mesh, and drainage mesh, bolted or Rivetted, filter media MOC in SS 316 L only.

  • Mesh size ranges from 25 micron-150 micron depending on the process equipment.
  • Pre-coating of filter media with diatomous earth / filter aid results clear filtration.
  • Cake Drying - Residue/cake can be dried with air, N2, dry steam and dried cake is directly discharged with help of vibrator or manually scrapped off and can be collected in hopper/ tray.
  • Size - Filters are manufactured in various sizes ranging from 2m2 – 120m2 (filtration area).
  • Material of construction (MOC) - depends on process / client requirement. Available MOC are M.S., C.S., SS 304, SS 316, and SS 316 L.
  • Available Size - 5 Sq. m. to 300 Sq. m.


These horizontal pressure leaf filters are used in various applications in Dewaxing/ Winterization of edible oil, copper refineries, liquid glucose, sulfur, starch, chemicals, fertilizers, and other industries. Available in different specifications, these can also be custom designed as per the specific requirements of clients.

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Construction of PLF:

Pressure Leaf Filter consists of Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters elements mounted vertically on common outlet manifold through which filtrate flows out.

Leafs are clamped with shaft on top which further extended to mount pneumatic vibrator, which is used for cake discharge. Butterfly valve is sandwiched between conical bottom and discharge hopper which is operated electro Pneumatically for easy discharge of cake. Top Lid is flanged with I bolts for easy opening and closing and Devit arm with mechanical jack for lifting the top for removal of leafs for occasional cleaning

Material of Construction:

Stainless steel, carbon steel, leafs in SS 304, 316, 316 L or as required ‘O’ rings / Gaskets – Silicon, Neoprene, Viton, EPDM.

PLF Leafs:

  • Filter leafs are constructed of 5 Ply SS wire mesh of different gauge wires.
  • 2 Ply Fine Filter Mesh
  • 2 Ply Supporting Mesh
  • 1 Drain Mesh.
  • 5 Ply wire mesh are together bound by a tubular frame and are made leak proof by machine riveting or bolting depending on the requirement.

The quality of filtration and leaf life depends on quality of outer fine mesh and riveting. Jyoti Engineering manufacture wide range of elements for Vertical or Horizontal pressure Leaf filters for any size, any make.

Vertical Pressure Leaf filters are mainly used for following applications:

  • Edible Oil – Crude Oil, Bleached Oil,
  • Hydrogenated Oil Catalyst.
  • Glucose, sugar, Fruit Juice.
  • Organic & Inorganic Salts, Amines, Resins, Bulk
  • Drugs.
  • Water, Brine.
  • Chemicals and Oleo chemicals.

Jyoti Engineering offers customized Vertical PLF upto 72 M2 filtration area.
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