Drum Flakers

Rotatory Drum Flakers

Capitalizing on our technologically advanced infrastructure we are able to design and develop optimum quality Rotary Drum Flakers. Our range of drum flakers are available in single drum flakers, double drum flakers with following feed mechanisms.

  • Dip feed drum Flaker
  • Drum flaker with bottom dip roll
  • Drum flaker with over head applicator roller
  • Double Drum flaker with Top feed

Our drum flakers are equipped with:

  • Drum Flakers are effective for flaking high viscosity melts of varying densities such as Potatoes, Starches, Gelatin, Adhesives and Synthetic resins.
  • The applicator rollers produce a dry product sheet with uniform thickness, and minimum dusting.
  • Standard drum sizes ranging from 50cm diameter to 80 cm, 2.0m to 5.0m long. Dip feed drum flakers are the one of the most versatile and widely applied type of drum flaker.

Our drum flakers are effective for drying foods, chemicals and pharmaceutical products of varying densities and viscosity. Our range is also helpful for temperature sensitive products as exposure to temperature above boiling point is restricted to only a few seconds. Our drum flakers have standard drum sizes ranging from 15cm diameter-20cm long to 1.5m diameter-3.5m long. Our cooling drum flakers is the best method for solidification and flaking of a wide range of materials including edible oils, detergents, molten sulphur, polymers ad caustic.

Some of the salient features of our flake drums are as follows:

  • Self-cleaning with 100% of the product solidified, flaked and recovered.
  • Flakers are built and equipped for continuous operation and produce a product of desired quality and consistency.
  • Standard drum sizes ranging from 15cm-20cm long to 2.0m diameter-5.0m long.
  • Material of construction can be provided in Carbon steel, Stainless steel, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L,cast iron,(optionally chrome plated) to meet specific application requirement.
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